Soul siren Rabbitt delivers a natural groove and fresh breath in modern R&B, with eclectic compositions and dynamic songwriting to celebrate all generations.


Introducing the Pacific’s leading lady of modern R&B, Rabbitt, an eclectic soul sister you won’t be able to resist. Her surefire hit debut album is a powerful presentation of what’s to come from this undeniable superstar. It’s showered with throwback vibes and upbeat funk fluidity to keep you moving, whether it’s cruising with your friends or flirting with feelings on the fly.  Throw back into overdrive as she takes you on a sonic journey filled with bold and luscious flavors, dynamic lyrics and vocal pleasures you can’t resist. Rabbitt shows you what a soul siren she is and reveals herself through smart songwriting, bold mixing and sexycool swagger. 


Music is life and it always has been, no matter what path Rabbitt explores. Born in Los Angeles and living her dreams in Hawai‘i, Rabbitt is a sultry singer and songwriter the world will soon revere. Her passion to continue her late father’s course remains the driving force in Rabbitt. Her undeniable gifts and wild disposition shaped her into a triple threat with dancing, acting and singing, and she was cast in “Campout at Walt Disney World Sing-Along” at 9. Maui became Home in middle school, and she continued to win various talents shows and star in performances into her twenties. The goal was girl group glory, but it wasn’t until a theatre production of “The Wiz” where she was a producer, choreographer and soloist, did she truly find her voice. It led her to become an artist now with a loyal fanbase, a seasoned live prowess, multiple “Best Female Musician” honors, and a debut release set for summer 2019. With a BOS in Music Production from Full Sail University, Rabbitt is proud to be involved on every level, yet knows a microphone in hand, doing what she loves, is where she belongs. Her studio album is produced by The Auxilury Hawai‘i, an innovative company steered by her partner and husband Kanoa, Maui’s most versatile musician and beloved performer. With a rich and dreamy voice, and an impressive range to back it up, Rabbitt’s songs are showered with throwback vibes and upbeat funk fluidity to keep you moving. She’s all about turning it up and turning you on. Rabbitt respects this era of cultural influence, and is thrilled to share original music that also pays homage to the communities that shape us. Follow Rabbitt’s sonic adventure as she presents a fresh and sophisticated sound to the Pacific and beyond.

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